Mattresses with pocket spring:

The pocket spring mattresses are the natural evolution of the mattresses of the past that had metal springs inside them and were called orthopedic. The difference lies in the comfort that allows a better rest avoiding back pain and joint pain.

Mattresses with pocket spring prices:

Sleeping well is very important, in fact when it comes to choosing the mattress on which you will go to sleep care must be taken. The support must be ergonomic and comfortable. One of the best solutions, from this point of view, is the independent pocket spring mattresses. While the old mattresses had a system of springs that reacted in unison to the thrust of the human body, the new independent-spring mattresses function in a way that each spring reacts differently. This means that the mattress will be deformed perfectly following the shape of our spine.

Properties and characteristics:

The pocket spring mattresses have many properties: they are ergonomic, they adapt to the body, they gently support it and adapt to every minimum movement. All our independent spring mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years, produced with the highest quality materials.

Benefits of pocket spring mattresses:

The pocket spring mattresses are made up of numerous separate springs and individually packed in special cotton bags. The springs, each act independently of the other, in this way welcoming the body optimally, and giving the desired support. Spring mattresses are particularly recommended for those suffering from circulatory disorders as they avoid compressions to the limbs, they are also recommended for people of sturdy build, those who sweat a lot or live in warm and humid environments, as the springs guarantee good ventilation.

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Pocket spring mattresses prices and offers:

Buying an independent spring mattress is the ideal choice for those who want to sleep on support without rigid elements. In fact, when you lie down on a spring mattress, the springs that receive pressure are lowered only and all the others, which are not subjected to stress, remain unchanged.

In this section, you will find the classic pocket spring mattresses or for the more demanding extra-luxury spring-loaded mattresses with memory, which are really a good compromise for those who do not want to renounce the greater capacity of the springs, combined with the maximum ergonomics of memory mattresses.