4 tips to extend the life of a mattress

Each mattress is eventually worn or so contaminated that it needs to be replaced. Even the durability of high-quality mattresses seldom reaches more than seven to ten years. To keep your mattress as long as possible, we have four tips for you:

1. Turn

To extend the life of a mattress, regular turning is important. Every time you change the bed linen, the mattress should be turned once, so that the headboard is at the feet and vice versa. This prevents certain areas of the mattress from getting through quickly. Even mattresses, which are divided into 3 or 5 zones, can usually be easily rotated since the zones are arranged symmetrically.

Some spring mattresses can also be turned from left to right and vice versa. If that is possible, you should also do it now and then to increase the durability of the mattress.

2. Good airing

For the durability of each mattress, it is important that it is adequately ventilated. The blanket should, therefore, lie back on the bed for a while after getting up. You may also have the option, when you change the bed linen, to put the mattress briefly in the fresh air. This kills mites and germs very reliably. Learn about sleeping on your stomach at Bestmattress-brand.org


3. Seat covers, cushions, and toppers increase the durability of the mattress

Naturally, the durability of a mattress also increases significantly with seat covers, cushions or a topper. Dirt and sweat accumulate not only on the mattress but on the covers, which can be easily washed. A topper also prevents the mattress from sagging quickly.

4. Vacuum regularly

Mattresses should not be knocked out. Also, many cleansers and foams that are offered harm the mattresses more than they help. Regular vacuuming, on the other hand, helps to prevent soiling of the mattress, thus prolonging the life of the mattress.

We hope that with the tips given above, you will be able to increase the life of your mattress and take care of it. If you want to know about mattress information, you can take it from our website.